Buckle up and get ready to drive the best emotions of your holiday. The adventure begins at your hotels door where we´ll take you to explore everything visiting the Mayan settlement of San Gervasio; drive your own Polaris to the “Hacienda Antigua” and learn all about the agave process tasting every kinds of Tequila continue all around the island into the jungle and visit the crocodiles, the oldest lighthouse and the most important Mayan ruin. our fantastic snorkeling at Punta Sur; enjoy a beach snack time and taste our delicious Mexican lunch, finally, let us take you back to your hotel.

An exciting ATV tour into the lush green forest exploring ancient Mayan sites...

This is the perfect tour for adventurers! Enjoying and experiencing the freedom of this adventure tour in Cozumel Island.

Live the passion of adventure with this tour in Cozumel!

Drive off-road to an abandoned sascab mine in Cozumel, in this amazing Jungle Jeep tour and then embark into an adrenaline blast adventure through the jungle on Passion Island beach.

Passion Island beach in Cozumel is waiting for you to live the most amazing adventures!

Getaway to a private Caribbean island where you will be able to relax from crowds, surrounded by the white sandy beaches of Cozumel, swaying palm trees and tranquil blue waters.

Palancar Reef and Colombia Reef, Sailing, Snorkeling & Sunsets.

Set sail aboard a luxurious, custom-built 65-ft, Catamaran and visit two of the most spectacular snorkeling areas in Cozumel, Cardona Reef and Palancar Reef.

Experience the mysticism of a millenary natural beauty and be part of the Mayan traditional praise.

Enjoy this tour to Passion Island beach one of the few places that remain untouched by the human hand.

Sea Trek tour in Cozumel is an easy and comfortable activity in which you will be able to explore the submarine world through a diving helmet; it's as simple as walking and breathing; your hair won't get wet and you can even wear prescription glasses.

The underwater world near you in this Cozumel Tour.

During the snuba diving tour in Cozumel our professional and friendly guides will show you the tropical underwater up-close without even having to go to the surface for air; all this through the snuba system that can be used by people all ages.

Take an exciting ATV ride on the beaches of Cozumel.

Picture yourself in this Mexico jungle tour exploring ancient Mayan caves and historical small archaeological sites while cruising on your ATV four-wheeler and experiencing to the max an adventure tour in Cozumel.

A lovely night on a Spanish galleon sailing the Caribbean Sea and a lobster dinner.

Take this Cozumel ship tour, the Lobster Dinner Cruise and come aboard our 105 ft. replica of an 18th century Spanish galleon to enjoy a delicious lobster dinner in one of the best fun and romantic tours in Cozumel.

Explore Cozumel jungle on a Jeep and snorkel to discover the underwater world.

This Jeep tour in Cozumel will give you a bit of everything you can find in Cozumel Island. Set off on a jeep excursion to go all around the island and explore the windward side of it.

Let yourself be amazed by the beauty of the underwater world!

This Submarine Cozumel tour, in the Riviera Maya, will take you to discover a variety of tropical fish at 100 feet of depth.

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The newest, most exciting water sport is now available in Cozumel!!

For those looking for a short trip without missing one of the most beautiful archeological sites:

Cozumel’s Only Stingray Encounter & Snorkeling Attraction.

Discover an archaeological site and visit an authentic Mayan community.

Enjoy this Mayan archaeological site considered one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

Live an amazing adventure in this ecological park of the Riviera Maya.

Swim and snorkel tour from Cozumel in the Riviera Maya.

Experience this adventure on the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea but full of marine life.

Live a wonderful jungle and ocean experience.

Join us on the perfect combination of culture and adventure surrounded by the natural beauties of

Tour to visit two archaeological sites in the Riviera Maya.

Tour to the Mayan archaeological site and eco park in the Riviera Maya.

Xel-Ha Park, a natural aquarium in the Riviera Maya.